I ARTS Danmark har vi tradition for at anvende Julia Camerons bog “Kreativitet” som litteratur. Bogen er stærkt anbefalelsesværdig som værktøj til personlig udvikling for kunstnere.

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• A.R.T.S. Basic Pamphlet

Trait 1. We grew up in an atmosphere of invalidation which resulted in ambivalence about our artistic expression.

Talent 1. We grow in an atmosphere of affirmation and conviction that our artistic expression is essential to our existence and is part of our unique contribution to the world.

• A.R.T.S. and Our Spiritual Awakening

As we progressed in A.R.T.S. Anonymous, we identified ourselves as artists, we did the work, and we shared it.

Anorexia of Avoidance
This pamphlet is one A.R.T.S. member’s description of a problem many of us have experienced. Our recovery begins with identification of our common problems. We of A.R.T.S. Anonymous have found a common solution to many of these problems in the Twelve Steps and the Tools of the A.R.T.S. Program.

• Envy to Appreciation
Trait 6: We have felt intimidated by other artist’s success. Jealousy, envy, fear, self-pity, perfectionism, resentment and other character defects block our creative expression.

• Facing Avoidance
Many circumstances may cause artists to become blocked, leaving them unable to move forward. Attempts to nurture and feed their art may result in frustration. Some questions may assist in the discovery of unknown fears that obscure the joy of creating. Blocks can be spiritual, emotional, mental, and even physical. What seems overwhelming may have a simple, manageable solution.

• Powerless Over and Unmanageable

 Can’t start. Won’t surrender. Easily distracted. Can’t let go. Might as well give up. What do I have to lose?

• Proces VS Product

Healthy children go to their play with a joyous sense of freedom from results; they have no particular expectation about the outcome of their play. To watch a child wading in a mud puddle is to understand what “now” means. Although children play diligently and with great concentration, to them, it is simply “fun.”

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